Do's and Don'ts

Wear a Helmet

All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet while riding. Contact us to receive a free helmet and look out for our Loop Helpers who are out on the streets ready to help (and if available will provide helmets as well)!

No sidewalk riding in the Central Business District

Sidewalk riding is strictly prohibited within the Central Business District (Downtown). Skips must be ridden in bicycle or vehicle lanes at all times. When parking Skips on the sidewalk please walk them and park carefully.


Loops should be parked upright, between fixed objects like trees, trash cans and bike racks. They should be placed on the area of the sidewalk closest to the curb, but not in the main walkway. Make sure to leave enough space for other sidewalk users to continue using.

Park Near the Curb

Park Scooter Upright

Don’t Obstruct Pedestrian Space

Don’t Park at Corners or Blocking Curb Ramps

Don’t Park Along Buildings

Don’t Block Bus Stops and Loading Zones

Don’t Park Near Fire Hydrants

Don’t Block Access Points

Don’t Interfere with Sidewalk Amenities and Landscaping