Who we are

Formed by Qatar's first-generation young entrepreneur with a passion to bring the mobility revolution for Qatar market in various sectors has taken up the vision to support the government program in reshaping the nation. Loop Mobility is considering a move to create and provide a scooter sharing service for the residents in Doha. Until now there is no such service in Doha, which limited the development of public transport. By offering this kind of solution in Doha, it helps to solve the first-and last-mile problems, which will extend the accessibility of public transport across the country. Through the scooter sharing service, Loop Mobility aims to enter an entirely new market, increase revenue, create social benefits, and allow customers to use green method for commuting.

Our Vision

is to play a positive role in your lifestyle, and from that we attend to spread blue and light transportation to serve the environment in Qatar and reduce carbon air floods   while at the same time easy to access and use, and encourage you to motivate your health by riding the scooter and linked to an intelligent network system, measure your experiment and continue to benefit from one person to another and so on an amazing experiment.